What is The Fire Escape?

The Fire Escape is a premium fire blanket made by high quality fiberglass covered in non-toxic liquid gel that is research proven to contain fire and absorb smoke within seconds. Our fire blanket works by quickly cutting-off the oxygen supply and smothering the fire within small area. Unlike fire extinguisher, The Fire Escape fire blanket does not take complicated steps to function.

Where To Use?

How To Use?

Did You Know?

Breakthrough Product Development

Prevent fire from reigniting

Effectively decompose the solvent so that the solvent does not re-burn in case of fire

Quality Assured

Adhere to the British Standard:
BS.476, The United Kingdom
and European Standard:

Fast extinguishing capability

Contain small fire within 5 seconds (as compared to 15 seconds for standard fire blanket)

Light and portable

Weigh only 360g, easy to carry around

Safe for use directly on skin

Made from high quality material that reduce the possibility of developing itchy skin after using

Effective heat protection

Stand up to 550 degree celsius of heat and give extra protection from the liquid-based chemical

Easy to use

Take only 2.5 seconds for the fire blanket to be spread out


Different cool packaging design to choose from

About Us

The Fire Escape fire blanket is a technology developed by ANSY (Hong Kong) Technologies Limited, a Hong Kong based company that involves heavily in scientific research, product development and production. ANSY actively invests in fire-fighting research every year and develop products on the basis of large amount of experimental data.

The Fire Escape fire blanket is now being distributed by TDR, a Singapore-based company that owns the exclusive distribution rights to Asia Pacific / North & South America / South Asia / Southeast Asia / Australia & New Zealand market. TDR holds a strong mission to bring up the fire safety awareness in the region and prevent unnecessary lives lost in the course of fire.

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